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Welcome to SEWEN Core - the Simple Embeddable Wiki Engine Core. SEWEN is built around the WikiPlex project, adding provider-based storage for versioned pages.

What SEWEN Core is and what is not

SEWEN Core is a component, intended to be built into your application. Typical usage is built-in documentation, help, how-to pages and other "static" side pages, often needed. Using wiki logic and markup can bring big advantage, but integration of existing dedicated Wiki systems can be difficult.

SEWEN Core defines backend of the application - storage and versioning. It does not have its own mechanisms for front-end design, membership, security and so on. Instead it relies on standard mechanisms embedded in ASP.NET for this task.

Do you need a complete solution?

SEWEN Core is not a complete wiki system on itself and does not intend to compete with projects like ScrewTurn Wiki or MediaWiki. The core library is accompanied with two versions of sample application, which might be sufficient for some simple scenarios on itself.

But, there is the SEWEN Wiki project, which provides full-fledget wiki application, based on SEWEN Core. Sewen Wiki Can be found at

Basic features

  • Built on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, in C#
  • WikiPlex markup, mostly Wikipedia-compatible
  • Provider-based storage model, storing history of all page edits
    • Supports any ADO.NET-compatible database, such as Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Compact
    • Works even without database, utilizing XML files
  • Wiki page link generation using string templates (ie. query string) or ASP.NET routing infrastructure
  • Compatibility with read-write declarative programming in ASP.NET Web Forms

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