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The FilePageStoreProvider is page store provider, which uses XML files stored in given folder.

Provider configuration

The following is sample configuration of FilePageStoreProvider:
    <!-- Register configuration section -->
        <section name="altairis.sewen"
                 type="Altairis.Sewen.Configuration.SewenConfigurationSection, Altairis.Sewen.Core" />
    <!-- SEWEN configuration for routing -->
        <wikiLink resolveMode="Route" routeName="SewenWikiPage" slugValueName="slug" />
        <store defaultProvider="FileProvider">
                <add name="FileProvider" 
                     type="Altairis.Sewen.PageStore.FilePageStoreProvider, Altairis.Sewen.Core"
                     dataFolderPath="~/App_Data/Sewen/" />
    <!-- rest of configuration goes here -->

FilePageStoreProvider Configuration Attributes

Name Mandatory Comment
name yes Logical provider name
type yes Name of the type class, must be Altairis.Sewen.PageStore.FilePageStoreProvider, Altairis.Sewen.Core
dataFolderPath no Path to folder where the page data should be stored. Defaults to ~/App_Data/Sewen/

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